Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nightshades might be ruining your life

I've recently developed plantar fasciitis, probably as a result of a combination of factors such as advancing age, and walking for a long time in jogging shoes (which I was sold as walking shoes), and then switching to walking shoes with overly-stiff heel cushioning. Jogging shoes have greater heel-lift than walking shoes, so my feet became accustomed to the extra heel lift, and when I switched to walking shoes, my feet had to start lifting the heels "out of a hole," so to speak. The extra heel-lifting, and the extra pounding due to the new geometry and insufficient cushioning, probably contributed to the fasciitis. I had also been climbing a ladder quite a bit shortly before developing PF, and this might have contributed because when I climb a ladder, I put my weight on the ball of my foot, as I suppose most people do.

I mentioned my PF to my sister, and she told me that she had also had PF, and that she put an end to the pain by eliminating nightshades from her diet. At first, I dismissed the notion since I had been eating nightshades for a long, long time, but the pain convinced me to try it. So, I eliminated as much of them from my diet as I could right away, and the pain started diminishing within days.

If your diet includes nightshades, and you suffer from aches and pains such as PF or arthritis, you should change to a nightshade-free diet for at least a few weeks to determine whether they are the cause. You might experience "withdrawal symptoms," because I had a weak headache for a couple of days after eliminating the majority the the nightshades from my diet. There have been times when eating spaghetti with tomato sauce "cured" me of a headache, so perhaps I was a tomato-sauce addict.