Thursday, October 06, 2011

Low stomach acid can create dangerous candida overgrowth

Of possibly much greater concern is this colonization which, from our recent study of the literature, we fear: (1) can result in high mortality unless corrected promptly; (2) has been recognized since the early 1980's and identified as a cause of multiple organ failure and other lethal syndromes (Joshi et al 1981; Roy and McCallum, 1984; Marshall et al, 1988);* (3) has gone unread because of both the time pressures on physicians today and the shear size of the 40 million pp/decade of indexed medical science research literature received at our library (it isn't possible to even turn 40 million pp in a decade); and (4) finally colonization occurs when Candida from the mouth are able to pass thru the stomach because its acid is reduced by any of numerous procedures still common today including over-the-counter proton pump inhibitors and even habitual use of antacid tablets.

There are those who claim that indigestion is typically caused by LOW stomach acid, not excess stomach acid.