Saturday, October 15, 2011

Large amounts of Vit D3 might be causing my sinus problem

As a result of searching for a potential connection between taking 6,000 IU per day of D3, as recommended by various sources listed in previous posts related to cardiovascular disease, I found some indications on a page entitled Flu Season is Here that the D3 might explain my sinus problems, but the following one especially resonated with me:
The links I posted clearly elucidate the mechanisms by which vitamin D3 suppresses the immune system. This completely matches my experience, and others experience. I did not take a "megadose" of vitamin D3, I only took 2200 iu daily. This was enough to ensure I WAS CHRONICALLY FIGHTING OFF VIRUSES AND NOT WINNING.... [emphasis added]
Another post, by Kurt G. Harris MD, states:

Last winter 2009-2010 was the only winter I ever supplemented with D3 - at about 4000 iu/day up to about 65 ng/dl.

Last winter I got the worst virus I ever had and was sick with cough and bronchospasm for weeks afterward. Most winters I catch nothing or get it very mild if at all.

I stopped supplementing with D in march 2010. I do get 20 minute of sun from march through september, but I let my D levels fall naturally the way I have for the past 5 years or so. This winter - 2010-2011 - my wife, who still supplements at 2-4000/day, caught a nasty URI that put her in bed for 4 days. I slept with her and did not get sick at all.
So, for what it's worth, there does seem to be a reason to suspect that my sinus problems might be related to my Vit D3 consumption, and that taking lower doses won't lead to cardiovascular problems. So, I'll experiment with lower doses and see what happens.