Thursday, September 08, 2011

Signs of progress in battle against sinus infection?

As I've indicated in previous entries, veterinarians in some cases treat fungal infections in animals with considerably lower concentrations of lufenuron than those used in humans, and it sometimes takes months to get the desired results. So, I surmised, I might continue to see results in myself for months after taking only one of the three recommended courses of Lufenuron. My recent experiences might indicate that this is the case. A few days ago, my sinuses became much more congested than they had been, and I was worried that the lufenuron had worn off and that my infection had advanced. But overnight, it returned to its "normal" state. So, perhaps the increased congestion was just another "healing crisis," although it could have been a result of stress or changes in diet, such as the different kinds of yogurt I've been using lately. Then, in the last couple of days, my nose started running in a way that was new for me, and the character of the infection seems to have changed. So, I might still be making progress.

I was considering an additional treatment with essential (as in "essence") oils of cinnamon ("cassia"), thyme, and clove, in vapor produced by a facial/sinus spa made by Conair. (Cinnamon oil supposedly has antifungal properties, and the other oils are apparently included to prevent irritation.) However, because I might still be making progress as a result of the lufenuron, I think I'll put the essential-oil treatment off for a while.

If all you have is a sinus infection, the essential-oil approach, according to my sources (mentioned previously), is the way to go, and if I conclude that lufenuron isn't going to do the trick (perhaps because I didn't take the two latter courses), I will use the essential-oil treatment. But for now, the jury is still out on using a single course of lufenuron, which I took from July 21st through July 25th, or almost two months ago as of this writing.