Saturday, August 06, 2011

Video statement provides confidence in Lufenuron's effectiveness against candida

One of the more convincing claims I've seen about Lufenuron's effectiveness against candida is a video statement found here.

Although the video's web-page indirectly refers viewers to Candida Away, and this might be a good source for lufenuron, I think that Vaughter Wellness deserves the business and the recognition, since they discovered this cure as a result of a lot of suffering and effort, and they made it available to the public in a pure and affordable form. Their competitors just copied the results of their work, and supposedly sell lower-grade lufenuron. (I didn't notice any purity claims on Candida Away's site, and the email address they provided to contact them didn't work.)

Vaughter Wellness' lufenuron is not encapsulated as of this writing, but it's a simple matter to measure the volume of the supposed 15 grams in each ziploc with measuring spoons, and divide it into 15 equal doses to be taken with meals (each containing at least 10 grams of fat to facilitate absorption) over the course of 5 days. I found that 15 grams of Lufenuron has a volume of about 3.5 tsp (US tsp), so that each dose would be 0.23 tsp, i.e. slightly less than 1/4 tsp. However, to be certain in each case, I suggest measuring it yourself. Measuring spoon sets of sufficient accuracy for this purpose are cheap and readily available.