Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update on sinusitis and Lufenuron

Further study of homeopathic "cures" for sinus infections has made me suspect that they are putting one over on us with very slickly-worded claims that split hairs and avoid saying anything definite. As soon as I ordered Sinus Pro's supposed cure for PND, they sent me a list of instructions which seemed more like a list of explanations for why it will turn out to be ineffective, such as that it should not be exposed to temperatures which are likely to occur in the course of shipping during the summer in many areas! Vaxa's website does however seem to indicate that a fungal (yeast) infection is sometimes at the bottom of chronic sinusitis.

I did not take the second course of Lufenuron, and today my sinusitis flared up. (Right now it seems to have settled down.) But my head also cleared up, which is a relief. I'll probably take the other two courses of Lufenuron when I can afford the resulting IQ reduction. Meanwhile, I might try SinuSoothe, which sounds like it might work. If it doesn't, at least I won't have wasted much money.

Sarah Vaughter has elaborated on her decision to stop selling Lufenuron (here). Perhaps the pharmaceutical companies pressured the manufacturers into stopping the production of pharmaceutical grade.