Friday, August 19, 2011

A note on previously-mentioned "flare-up"

Since the "flare up" which I mentioned in a previous post, I have not noticed a repeat. There are indications that Lufenuron remains in the system at levels which can prevent chitin [1] production for considerably longer than the 16 days between the loading phases in Vaughter Wellness' treatment plan. Veterinarians typically administer Lufenuron for one day and have seen results months later. So, the fact that I still have sinusitis despite starting Lufenuron treatment on July 28th doesn't mean that it's ineffective. Only time will tell. Perhaps the aforementioned "flare up" was one of the "healing crises" which are typical in recovering from a fungal infection. Right now, for example, my sinuses seem fine after quite a bit of sneezing etc. earlier.

Still, I plan to use the also-aforementioned treatment which involves thee essential (as in "essence") oils and a facial spa (Conair makes one that can be configured for facial treatment or sinus treatment). Cinnamon oil is widely reported to have anti-fungal properties. The reason I plan to do so is that fungal infections are notoriously tenacious, and I hope that this additional attack will deliver the coup de grĂ¢ce while it is vulnerable as a result of the Lufenuron treatment.


[1] Fungi, like insects, incorporate chitin into their "armor."