Thursday, June 23, 2011

THE Candida cure

Apparently as a result of taking approximately 2.5 g of potassium bicarbonate daily, as mentioned in previous entries, I developed what I gather is a candida sinus infection. To make a long story short, I decided to search the internet for a treatment, and I stumbled onto what is apparently the only truly effective treatment/cure for candida: Lufeneron. I ordered some, and it arrived in about a week at a shipping cost of $2.50. I have yet to take it, for various reasons, but I have no reason to believe that it will not be effective.

According to my source, Vaughter Wellness (at, someone else sells toxic Chinese pesticide grade (perhaps in an attempt to "justify" an FDA ban on all Lufenuron), and someone else sells pharmaceutical grade for 12 times VW's price. For that price, you might as well get it in the form of Program flea treatment for dogs and cats (which is how it was discovered to be effective against fungi - it's also routinely used to treat captive chimps for fungal infections).

Because I feared that it would degrade from exposure to heat in shipping during the summer, I did some research, and found that it's not affected by the heat likely to be encountered in shipping. Vaughter Wellness claims that it's chemically unchanged even when it melts, at about 350 F. An FAO spec on pesticide grade requires it to withstand 130 F for two weeks continuously without significant degradation.

The manufacturer knows that it's effective against candida, but isn't publicizing it. Nor is the FDA, and in fact, VW's supply of this highly beneficial, utterly nontoxic substance was apparently seized by some government agency, so that it is now shipped from Europe. I won't speculate on motive for the suppression of this potentially life-saving substance, but it reeks of evil, especially considering the vast disinformation campaign being waged against candida sufferers by offering ineffective and sometimes toxic treatments, often at exorbitant prices.