Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vit D panel ignores experts

The report got a stern rebuke from some well-known vitamin D researchers, who see the increases as woefully inadequate. “This was a big waste of money,” says Hollis. “I agree with their recommendations for the first year of life,” he says, citing the panel's target of 400 IU for infants, a doubling from the previous recommendation. But he was puzzled that this recommendation didn’t extend to the children’s mothers. Despite outweighing infants by ten times or more, he says, women — and men — saw their vitamin D recommended daily intake set at only 600 IU for ages 9 to 70. People over 70 should get 800 IU a day, the panel said.
The IOM [Institute of Medicine] panel consisted of 14 scientists who met eight times and reviewed the relevant literature. Hollis openly questioned the composition of the panel. “Anybody who had ever expressed an opinion [on vitamin D] was not allowed anywhere near this committee,” he says.