Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally, a definitive statement on fibromyalgia

Everyone once in a while, I've been looking for a definitive, authoritative statement on the connection between fibromyalgia and iodine deficiency. Today, for the first time, I found one, and here it is:

Cause of Fibromyalgia

In fibromyalgia patients, what I have found in my practice is that there are two primary causes: the first is in one hundred percent of the patients I’ve seen with fibromyalgia—when I test them, they are toxic with heavy metal poisoning. The second cause is that many, many people in our society are deficient in the element iodine, and when any tissue in the body becomes deficient in iodine, it will become fibrous, painful, and can possibly develop cysts and nodules, which are often found in fibromyalgia patients.

Because iodine also helps the body to rid itself of heavy metals, it's possible that the heavy metal buildup implicated in fibromyalgia is the result of iodine deficiency.