Saturday, January 03, 2009

Another helping of crow

Anyone who has followed my advice and tried to get Lugol's solution at pet stores is probably disappointed. I finally tried to do it myself, which I assumed would be as easy as falling off a log, and struck out. It would seem that the DEA has made it necessary to get the 5% solution via mail order and pay $10 S&H, thus preventing anonymous, "low-cost" purchases of this strength which is apparently more useful in meth production than the 2% solution. (The 5% version costs a couple of bucks per ounce in large quantities for companies "registered" with the DEA. "Registration" is very involved and expensive, and it not available to consumers. The DEA has to limit the number of people allowed to buy large quantities in order to keep the situation under control.)

In the course of searching the internet for a reasonably-priced source, I discovered that Swanson's, a reputable source of all sorts of dietary supplements, carries J. Crow's USP-certified 2% Lugol's solution for about $10 (2 oz), plus about $5 S&H (via USPS first class). So, for me, the choice is obvious. While you're at it, you can order some other items which scientists routinely find to be useful in preventing degenerative disease, but which the mainstream media (which sells ads to pharmaceutical companies) periodically assure us are useless.